With the launch of Anna Schimmel's latest collection, we thought we would ask Anna a few questions about the collection and the inspiration behind it.


W: Tell us about your collection.  What was your inspiration for this season's collection?

AS: Each season new trends come through and the fine fabrics which create these looks are designed. Many of our silks and laces come directly from a French couture mill, so our materials are hot on the pulse of bridal fashion. Out of those new fabrics looks develop with an eye on trends and the mood of the season. Combining new fabrics with general trends (say – a low back) I consider possibilities and what has been done already (that’s a no go). Then with an eye on NZ brides I give each design a completely new look, while making sure it truly flatters women. And many long days and sleepless nights later, a new collection is born.

W: Are there any particular pieces from the collection that you are especially proud of?

AS: The spectacular sheer back wedding dress was a really difficult design to get right. We had the back and created this intricate front with great seaming. Then I decided the bodice needed lengthening,  so all the seaming no longer worked, and an extra panel had to be developed for the lower back. From there the original neckline was to closed in and had to be recut into a more open shape. Once all this looked good the skirt was too slender and had to be buffed up with petticoats and extra organza. I still felt it wasn’t quite right so added the slender waist band to define the waist. Now the dress looks just amazing on, but this has been hard won!

W: What type of bride do you envisage wearing this season's dresses?

AS: Anna Schimmel wedding dresses are known for being very feminine and flattering. Our excellent cut and exquisite fabrics of course help, but most women have beauty simply by being themselves. Emphasizing each brides personal strong points and creating a wedding dress to let the individual shine is one of my strengths.

W: New Zealand women come in  a range of shapes and sizes - do you have any advice for how best to choose a flattering dress for a body shape?

AS: See me and I’ll create you a stunning, on trend wedding dress which makes the most of your shape!

W: What are the latest wedding dress trends that you see hitting New Zealand for next season?  Are there any that you love/dislike?  

AS: Low backs are a must right now, and many brides ask for it. However, no lingerie can be worn with very low backs, nor do the gowns give any support or shape below the bust area. There is a reason all those beautiful backs are always featured with a full back photograph – side or front on they can look a bit shapeless. Fitted fishtails / mermaid shapes have made a strong comeback, they are best with a very fitted bodice and high heels. This will stretch the shape and slim your figure, putting all those curves into the right places.


Make sure you view Anna's new collection at her gorgeous website: www.annaschimmel.co.nz