More and more couples these days are deciding to host their engagement parties and wedding receptions at less traditional venues and do everything themselves.  With this, however, comes the responsibility of having to organise everything on the night which isn't ideal when all you want to do is enjoy your special time.

To assist with this, there are firms like Professional Wait Staff who can supply, yes you guessed it, professional wait staff.  We talk with Faith Jeremiah from Professional Wait Staff to find out a little more about their business and what it is that they offer.

Tell us a little about Professional Wait Staff

Professional Wait Staff was born after observing a significant demand for wait staff across New Zealand. Couples, friends, family or business people would put on an event or function, have caterers deliver food and then realise they had nobody to serve their guests. Family or friends were serving food instead of enjoying their special day. Professional Wait Staff are the solution.

We specialise in providing waiters and waitresses for any occasion, any day, at any time, anywhere in New Zealand. We provide wait staff to both corporate and private functions including weddings, bridal showers, engagement parties and church events.

Whereabouts in the country do you operate?

Although based in Christchurch, Professional Wait Staff are nationwide and service ALL of New Zealand.

Is there a minimum/maximum size event that you cater for?

Professional Wait Staff provide waiters and waitresses for any occasion, any day, at any time. Professional Wait Staff will do everything possible to ensure that you have all the staff you require for any event, regardless of the size.

Is there are general rule for how many wait staff will be needed per guest (i.e. a guest/staff ratio)?

This is dependent upon different factors including the type of food provided (e.g. nibbles or meals), and whether drinks are to be served. We recommend calling us to discuss your event and we will gladly advise based upon your information.

Most people wouldn't have a clue how much it would cost to hire wait staff for their event - while each event is obviously different, are you able to give a general idea of the costs involved?

While we do provide package deals and promotions from time to time, our wait staff are $30+ GST per hour. There are no minimum time frames (meaning you can have one wait staff for one hour if you choose) and you can also request as many staff as you require.

What type of training do your staff have?

All our staff have extensive hospitality experience prior and have been carefully hand picked from our HR manager to ensure that only the best staff will serve you and your guests.

For most couples, their engagement party and wedding reception are the largest functions they will have organised.  Do you have any advice for couples when planning their event?

Although we are not wedding planners, we recommend calling us and we will happily advise or direct you to people who will be able to assist you. This is your special day and we would be honoured to help in any way we can!

To find out more about Professional Wait Staff, head to their website: