Playing in the Social Playground

With the prevalence of social media in our lives, it seems only natural that a company would take advantage of it to add something special to weddings. That company is Social Playground.

They have introduced their Live Instagram Printer - yes, it is pretty much as it sounds - guests take photos on their own smartphones using Instagram. They add a special hashtag and once the photo is uploaded to Instagram with that hashtag, it is printed on the Live Instagram Printer within seconds.

As part of the package, they print one additional photo for every photo printed which is added to the bride and groom's Dry Mount photo album.  Guests are also invited to add personal notes next to their images in the album.  

Post event Social Playground will send the bride and groom a Dropbox link where they can access a gallery of the photos taken at their wedding.  They can choose their favourite images and add them to their social media channels, such as Facebook. 

A few unique elements about the Live Instagram Printer which wedding hosts love:

~  They print unlimited photos for the guests so everyone in the photo can receive a copy if they wish.

~ The candid photos can be taken at any time, anywhere at the event, capturing the atmosphere and the beauty of the ceremony and venue.

~ The prints can be customised so wedding hosts can incorporate any wedding theming to their prints

~ The printer is able to capture all images uploaded to Instagram which include the event hashtag.  This means if the printer is only booked to be onsite for 3 hours in the evening, they can still collate and print the photos uploaded earlier in the day for guests to collect and enjoy.  

~ Some guests may not have a smart phone on Instagram account, so the Social Playground event attendants will take and print photos for guests at the event using our Social Playground Instagram account.

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