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4 years 6 months ago #1835 by KiwiDD
KiwiDD created the topic: Most important photos
Hi everyone, thought I would start a new thread as this is an semi-unrelated topic.

I am currently looking for wedding photographers and I have found that a lot of packages include getting ready photos, ceremony, friends n family etc and maybe the first dance. What I wondered is why do people think it is more important to catch getting ready photos rather than more of the reception?

If you were to get a photographer for a limited amount of time, why would you choose that part of the day to chronicle rather than the actual party with your friends and family?

If you think about it, it seems like the only occasion you would ever want someone to photograph you getting ready for an event. Does looking back at these photos conjure more strong emotions than seeing photos of dancing or shots of friends and family enjoying themselves?

Or is it because of the photographers, they want to start and finish early? or they will get in the way of celebrations?

I'm just thinking about what I will ask the photographer to chronicle and would be interested in your feedback.

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4 years 6 months ago #28467 by sunny4eva
sunny4eva replied the topic: Most important photos
I personally love the photos of preparation. The mother, father, bridesmaids and bride having special moments together. Moments you may not even be aware of because you have so much going on and getting nervous about the things about to happen.

Reception photos can be captured by guests and is just a lot of dancing, people standing saying a speech etc. All the special looks and admiration looks are not as strong?

Just my 2c :)

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4 years 6 months ago #28780 by Isaac_de_Reus
Isaac_de_Reus replied the topic: Most important photos
We only offer full day coverage (usually 12 - 15 hours) so I can't really comment as to the "most important" aspects... but my 2c...

They're both quite different times of the day, and yield quite different results. Our cinema team gets their best content in the morning - it's just the bride or the groom, surrounded by their closest few friends / family. It's usually fairly quiet, so great for capturing meaningful audio.

The reception I personally love from a photos POV. It's a cool party vibe, with plenty of awesome opportunities for fun, high energy, candid shots. I've never understood reception coverage that finishes at the first dance... for me, that's when it's just getting good!! I tend to find about 30 mins > an hour after the first dance is when guests have really loosened up & we get some super fun party shots.

I'd never want to miss the morning, though. Totally different vibe, but just as cool. Especially the boys. Often we get the best shots of the guys just hanging out, or going & doing something - it really sets the scene for the day.

For me personally, a wedding is a wedding. There's no point trying to tell people "this is the most important part to capture" or thinking "well, I better make sure that everything meaningful occurs between X and Y.... I truly believe that it's worth having someone there to capture the whole thing.

*Totally my own personal opinion / preference - I know there are a variety of different ways to structure things & the economic realities of needing to differentiate by coverage time. It's just something I'm particularly passionate about :)

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4 years 6 months ago #29014 by REMK
REMK replied the topic: Most important photos
For me personally (5 years on) the important photos are the ones of me with my husband, my family and our close friends.

I think that reception shots are cool, but if you had to choose one - when you're 65 you'll treasure a photo of that moment between you and Dad, or you and Gran far more than you will your old workmate Sarah shakin her booty on the d-floor, the close up shot of your table settings or even a pic of the best man mid speech with mic in hand.

Of course having the whole thing photographed would be ideal however and some really cool candid shots can be priceless ;)

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4 years 5 months ago #29200 by fallonphotography
fallonphotography replied the topic: Most important photos
Hi KiwiDD,

It's up to you what parts of your day you get photographed - it's your day and you're hiring the photographer after all.  Just make sure that the photographer you choose is flexible enough in their packages to cover the parts of the day that are important to you.

Now to try to answer your question...don't think of "Getting ready" photos as just photos of you getting your hair and makeup done.
There is always a lot going on at a wedding and the day will be over before you know it.  The same is true for your photographer - they will be trying to capture a tonne of moments during the day, all whilst (hopefully) remaining calm and relaxed and thereby helping you to enjoy your day.
During the "Getting ready" photos they will probably do some close-ups of the bouquets, your shoes, the dress/dress details etc.  It's also a good opportunity to get a few lovely candid family/bridal party photos done, particularly if there is a nice view/spot near the getting ready location.  Oftentimes there is a bit of free-time/waiting around during this part of the day so any shots your photographer can get done then rather than later will make the rest of your day more relaxed (with more time for location/bridal party photos if you so choose).  Getting ready shots also help "tell the story" of your wedding - so they're really important for slideshows or albums.
Perhaps most importantly of all, Getting Ready photos are a great opportunity for you to get used to the photographer being around before the ceremony, (ie start to ignore them) and relax in front of the camera.  It's also a great warm-up for your photographer before the ceremony kicks off.
Of course the reception also offers some great opportunities for photos, particularly after the First Dance when your guests start to boogy.  But you know that already!  Once you've narrowed down your choice of photographers have a chat with them and see what they have to say. Hopefully the above helps, Patrick

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4 years 5 months ago #29330 by GraceSP
GraceSP replied the topic: Most important photos
I will be having to make a similar compromise and I think we will go with getting ready photos, rather than reception photos.

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