Simon Speight - Winter Wedding Celebrant

Simon Speight - Winter Wedding Celebrant


Together we will create a service that is personally designed and uniquely yours. I have a down to earth style yet do the formal bits really well.

Just a quick note - I am quite busy in summer so can perform your ceremony only on some Friday afternoons from October – March inclusive whereas I am free in the winter months so Saturdays are easy to accommodate (April to September inclusive) for your big day.

You are welcome to have a ceremony with religion, no religion or somewhere in between. The primary aim is to have a ceremony you are both happy with. Love is love and I will marry anyone who can legally be married to each other. I enjoy taking LGBTQ+ ceremonies too. The ceremony can either be straight forward or be a little bit ‘edgy’ – whatever works for you. If there are kids or other family members please think about involving them as it makes for a richer ceremony. The ceremony usually is of 20-30 minutes length hence the need to plan as there is quite a bit for you to cover. I want to be part of your team to do this so we can produce a great final result. So how do we go about it? I will be your ally that sits on your shoulders supporting you through the process of planning, staging and delivering your ceremony. I am very attentive to your needs. After each meeting – usually in the comfort of your own home we get closer to pulling your ceremony together into the finished and polished product.

I can also provide references. In the meantime however please have a look at the website to get a feel for who I am and to see if you will click with me

Yours in service

Simon Speight

Wedding Celebrant

Member of CANZ



Phone: 021 535 511

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