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Our goal is to help as many people with their health and fitness goals by positively impacting their lifestyles, increasing their self esteem and helping them stay socially connected through exercise. At Fitness Evolved you will find experienced and passionate trainers who offer a safe and non-threatening environment to help you journey towards great health and fitness results with a fun family of friends!

We believe that relationship, consistency and accountability are the key factors behind success in any endeavor and your health is no different. This is more than just a place to exercise; here you will meet amazing people, make life long friends and achieve significant long term results. We focus on your health first followed closely by your fitness and weight loss goals so that your results reflect the big picture, inside and out…

Fitness Evolved, and our partner Fitness Business Operators, offer Bootcamp Training at 8 locations across Auckland. Each location is run by experienced Lead Trainers and we ensure that we deliver non-threatening, safe and challenging training environments so that our members experience great health and fitness results with a fun family of friends!

Are you tired of those military-style bootcamps with trainers yelling at you?

You'll be pleased to learn that our goal at Fitness Evolved has always been to impact people’s lives through fun, effective exercise by encompassing simple and inspiring health education and training. We consult with you prior to training to discuss your goals, assess your movement and capability then advise the best course of action for your training. We want to help you look for simple and effective ways to change your “health environment”. So in other words it's more than just "Bootcamp Training" - it's lifestyle training, it's group training with a personal touch, and we care about all the aspects of your health; from nutrition, fitness and your work-life balance, we can help you start your change today...