If you were ever considering whether to have an engagement shoot, Tammy and Claire's beautiful shoot should remove all doubt.  

Jessica Higueras (of Jessica Photography) has captured the romance and intimacy of this lovely engaged couple.

Photos by Jessica Photography

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A little about Tammy and Claire...

How did you meet?

Tammy: I actually crashed her birthday party! I was asked by my buddy on a random day to attend his colleague’s birthday party. There, i first met Claire, just shook her hand and wished her happy birthday. I didn’t talk much though the rest of the party.

Claire: I barely remember he was there at all!

Tammy: A few months later we met through our mutual friend for a jamming session, I play guitar and she’s the vocal.

Claire: Since then, we met up every weekend to jam and slowly he asked me out for date!

How long have you been together?

6 Years

Tell us about the proposal

It was next to a river down in Clarke Quay, Singapore.
Yes it was a surprise proposal! We went for dinner at a nice restaurant near the quay before that.

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